Pattern Simulator & Analysis

Patten Simulator is used to detect and avoid the increase in air and ground vibrations from both surface and underground blasting operations caused due to reinforcement. Simple alterations to firing sequence of the blasting pattern can prevent wave front reinforcement and can be used to control vibration levels in many situations. Blasting Pattern software is graphical software used for analyzing blast plan. Using the module, engineers and blasting personnel can optimize initiation sequence of blasts to reduce air and ground vibrations.


    Import and export blasting plan.
    Connects surface delays between blast holes. Delay number for blast holes can be edited.
    Unused blast holes can be deleted.
    According to the delay pattern structure; simulation of the blasting plan can be viewed.
    Time Window Analysis helps to establish how many holes are blasted in a given time frame.
    Capable of selecting of particular area from blasting plan and simulation.
    Save and print blast plan and wavefront reinforcement.