MineExcellence is a firmly established global leader in blasting software technology. Core of our offerings is an Enterprise Platform for blasting. We offer SaaS and Mobile based platform which provides all intelligence in the hands of average blasters, blast supervisors and senior Mine Management. It helps them improve and optimize blasting which can result in significant benefits operationally and eliminate potential risks / problems during blasting. We are making high quality blasting intelligence available and accessible to the average blaster anywhere, anytime easily (restricted not just to the Tier-1 mining companies). We offer high quality blasting softwares and technology solutions for a variety of issues that can occur during blasting such as flyrocks, air/ground vibrations etc.

Our solutions provide a detailed platform for Blast data collections and blast designs and one can also avail a number of predictors/optimizers via our cloud based platform. Our softwares are being used by small mines, large tier-1 mining companies and mining service providers across countries and mines. We at MineExcellence, believe that mining and blasting processes can be met with sophisticated optimization techniques combined with better training. And so, we also provide a Blasters Management Portal (suitable for use cross mines by senior mine management) and also online learning and training for blasters.

Key Product Characteristics

MineExcellence has established itself as a global leader in Blasting Software Technology. We are disrupting this niche area in the mining industry by making high quality blasting technology available to anyone, anywhere anytime.

Unique tools for all aspects for blasting - Design, Data Collection and Optimization.
Caters for environmental impacts like vibrations (air and ground), flyrocks etc
Very advanced GIS capability to aid in decision making pre and post blast
Caters for the blasting lifecycle – Enables you to measure how your blasts are performing
Advanced Mobile APP providing an average blaster every capability on their APP itself.
Integration with ERP, equipment’s and mine planning systems.
Ability to schedule your blasts
Also provide a full training platform for blasting (Video and online training courses)




Our organization has published many books and papers in this area

Engineering Rock Blasting Operations has widely used as a college text book for undergraduate and post-graduate course and is authored by our co-founder Dr. Sushil Bhandari. This work provides detailed information about materials needed for carrying out blasting operations such as explosives and related accessories. It also covers various aspects including understanding of the process of fragmentation, various techniques, design methods and technology applications including environmental aspects.